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  • Odysseum Corintostraße 1
  • Cologne
  • 51103
  • Germany


Cologne Germany

Opened in April 2009 in Cologne, the Odysseum is a pure adventure museum which involves making exhibits easily explainable. The 7,500 sq. metre state of the art facility enables visitors to jump into 4 different thematic worlds and explore the wonders of science like an adventurer. These detailed staged realms are arranged by the topics Life, Earth, Cyberspace and Kidstown.

Odysseum Cologne wants to playfully pose complex and future related questions and give answers in an entertaining way true to the maxim of Albert Einstein: “Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.” This makes the new facility a very special attraction that stills the inquisitiveness of children and their parents as well.

In a hands-on environment with 150 mostly unique experience stations for different age groups visitors are taken from the daily life on an exciting and varied trip through the world of science from mankind’s earliest beginnings, to the present and even future. The focus is always on interactive adventure: Visitors young and old are invited to touch, try out and get involved, with the objective of an exciting and engaging experience that they will never forget.

SMG Science Center Services, a division of SMG providing highly specialized management service for museums, science centers, visitor centers, exhibitions and “brand worlds”, offering the full service range – from facility management to ticketing up to marketing and content development, has been involved in the planning and pre-opening phase of this project and as well has provided operational and management services for the owner of the building. Currently, SMG is responsible for the operation of the F+B division at Odysseum.


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